Recording Secretary

With authority delegated by the Corporation and senior Institute staff, the Office of the Recording Secretary (RSO) receives gifts on behalf of the Institute and works closely with donors and Institute staff to ensure the timely and accurate recording of all major gifts and pledges to MIT. In performing of these duties, the RSO provides expertise and consultation within Resource Development and to other Institute departments on gift policies and procedures, and works directly with donors and their agents as appropriate. The office also handles the receipting, deposit, acknowledgment, and record-keeping of pledges and gifts of cash and securities, gifts of equipment, and gifts-in-kind. The RSO maintains good relations with donors and potential donors, identifies and resolves gift crediting issues, and safeguards the accuracy of the donor database.

The RSO is responsible for ensuring the safekeeping and accessibility of permanent records of gifts — including the original documents of gift memoranda, trust instruments, and other legal documents associated with the gifts — and works with the Institute’s senior administration to formulate policy and implement established guidelines.

For information about making a gift, please contact the Office of the Recording Secretary at 617.253.5048 or, or by direct mail to:

Beth Ogar, Executive Director of Gift Administration and Recording Secretary
MIT Room W98-308
600 Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA 02139