Rewards & Recognition

In 2010, MIT celebrated its 10th anniversary of formally rewarding and recognizing outstanding achievements of staff campus-wide through the Institute’s Excellence Awards and department administered Infinite Mile programs and Appreciation Awards. Over the last decade, the spirit of celebrating each other has not only become an important part of MIT’s culture, but also within the Alumni Association and Resource Development, it has become a valued and vital part of both organization’s appreciation for the work that we do.

Alumni Association and Resource Development

The Alumni Association (AA) and Resource Development (RD) Rewards and Recognition program is a shared program that seeks to recognize staff in the most meaningful ways for exceptional contributions and achievements throughout the year. The program aims to foster an environment of shared success and commitment and highlight behaviors and activities that benefit MIT. The program also provides an opportunity to showcase employees as role models and encourages recognition for all levels of staff. The AA-RD Infinite Mile Rewards and Recognition program consists of the Community Spirit Awards and the Leading the Way Awards, and the Spotlight Appreciation Awards.

Awards to given to individuals and/or teams whose performance throughout the year demonstrate the values of excellence to which all Alumni Association and Resource Development staff members strive to achieve.