We are mission-driven and collaborative. The Office of Resource Development consists of 12 teams and a number of strategic partners, which contribute to a variety of fundraising initiatives.

The Office of Communications is an in-house creative agency serving the fundraising programs in Resource Development with a collegial relationship to the Alumni Association and the schools. Writers, editors, and designers offer strategic communications counsel and produce a wide range of materials to engage, cultivate, solicit, and steward Resource Development’s many constituents. Their work intersects with the president’s office, news office, schools, departments, and centers. Through this work, they aim to express the vision of MIT’s academic leadership candidly, credibly, and steeped in the Institute’s culture while paying close attention to the needs of an astute and accomplished constituency.


The Editorial team provides a range of editorial services including writing, editing, research, proofreading, copyediting, and fact checking, ensuring consistency of style, message, and tone. The team is well versed in MIT’s culture, history, and people, and creates content that reflects deep knowledge of the Institute, its mission, and impact.

art and web

The Art and Web team provides art direction, graphic design, web development, marketing, branding, and production expertise to help colleagues meet fundraising and communications goals. They aim to create experiences that are engaging, strategic, purposeful, and beautiful.


The Events team supports the president’s office and Resource Development in strategizing, planning, and executing high-level events to support the philanthropic efforts and overall mission of MIT. The events serve not only as a message delivery system but are designed to engage prospects and alumni, recognize our donors, and showcase the achievements of the institute, faculty, and students.

Donor Relations and Stewardship

The Donor Relations and Stewardship office fosters the relationship between the Institute and its donors through activities that acknowledge, recognize, and report on gifts to MIT, and engage donors in the life of the Institute. Donor Relations and Stewardship honors donors’ rights to timely and accurate information about the use of their gifts, and supports Resource Development’s mission to maximize long-term gift support to MIT.

Carrie Johnson
Executive Director, Communications and Events